Therapeutic Reflexology

Reflexology is beneficial for the whole body as well as your feet! Enjoy the relaxation and healing benefits of the ancient therapy of Reflexology. There are zones and reflexes on the feet, hands, and ears that correspond to specific areas of the body. Your therapist will suggest the type of Reflexology (hands, feet, ears). Techniques using thumbs and finger pressure help to release congested energy in the body, allowing renewed energy flow to vitalize the body, mind and spirit.

(Half session) 30 minutes: $40
(Full session) 60 minutes: $70

Wellness Packages Available (see below)



Facial Reflexology - Sorensensistem™

Facial reflexology is a relatively new treatment devised by Lone Sorensen of Denmark over a 28 year period that combines traditional Chinese Meridians and Points, Vietnamese Face Mapping and South American Mapuche Facial Reflex Zones with modern neuro-anatomy.

This unique treatment is profoundly relaxing as it promotes the release of endorphins and serotonin which calm the mind. During a treatment neuro-vascular points, reflex zones and neurological points are stimulated on the face using only the finger-tips which stimulate impulses through the central nervous system and meridians to the physical body and the major organs. Blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, hormonal balance and emotional imbalances are also treated.Facial reflexology is beneficial for a wide range of conditions and suitable for people of all ages.

The first appointment will always include a confidential consultation to assess the health of an individual. A treatment plan will be discussed. For ladies it is requirement to remove face make-up before treatment, facial wipes will be provided or personal ones can be brought along to the treatment.

During the treatment an organic Rosehip oil is used on the face. This is beneficial to the skin as it contains essential polyunsaturated fatty acids which aid skin tissue regeneration. Certain skin conditions ie. eczema, wrinkles, acne/burn scars etc. can all benefit from application of this wonderful oil. Each treatment lasts between 50-60 minutes.

Full session: $70

One-Hour Wellness Packages Available (see below)



Further Enhance Your Session Experience
with Blissful Touch™ Paraffin Infusion Treatments for Hands and Feet

Surrender to the therapeutic warming touch of our high quality spa-grade paraffin infusion treatments by PerfectSense ™ to increase circulation to the hands and feet while toxins and fats are pulled naturally from the skin and deposited into the paraffin. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and slenium, the warmed paraffin treatment is delivered in a single-use method, assuring the greatest degree of sanitary conditions. Blissful Touch™ nourishes and hydrates dry overworked hands and feet. It further helps to reduce pain and swelling, while removing toxins.

Learn more about PerfectSense Paraffin


Hands or Feet Treatment: $15
Hands and Feet Treatment: $25


Cozy Toes® - Hot River Stone Reflexology

Say goodbye to cold feet and hands with our Cozy Toes® special treatment. Feel tension melt as the fragrance of aromatherapy vapor fills the room and your hands are gently reflexed with nourishing hand cream. Your hands are slipped into the warmth and nourishment of our premium paraffin infusion single-use gloves. Gently drift into a place of deep relaxation as the warmth of heated river stones and aromatic infused oils are applied to your feet and lower leg muscles. Tight muscles and tissues of the feet are softened allowing reflexes to be worked at a deeper level. This unique treatment is a warming, healing, and balancing experience for the whole body.


Cozy Toes®: $95


Wellness Packages

Make a commitment to your personal health and wellness goals while saving money. Choose from either 30 minute or 60 minute packages. When you purchase your wellness package, you have the flexibility to alternate between Classic Massage or Reflexology sessions. It's your choice! Frequency of your visits is at your discretion; monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. You can even use one of your sessions to give to a friend. Fees are payable in advance by check, cash, or gift certificate.

One-hour Wellness Packages:
(3) sessions for $200 (reg. $210)
(5) sessions for $318 (reg. $350)
(12) sessions for $723 (reg. $840) *

* This is our most popular package

Half-hour Wellness Packages:
(3) sessions for $114 (reg. $120)
(5) sessions for $180 (reg. $200)
(12) sessions for $430 (reg. $480)

•  Additional $40 fee for home / office visit.

• Optional payment plans of 3 or 4 payments for 12 session package to be paid in full within (1) year of contract date.

•  All sessions to be used within 12 months from date of purchase.

•  Hot Stones available for additional $12 charge per visit.

In-Home / Rehabilitation Facility / Hospital Visits

All services except Cozy Toes® can be performed as outcall services. A $40 travel fee (minimum for greater Torrington area) applies per visit.


Corporate On-Site Reflexology and Massage Services

Visit our Corporate Clients page for more details.



* * * Attention Veterans! * * *

Inspired Touch is an approved provider of out-patient services through the Veterans Administration. Call us at (860) 489-2613 for more information.


* Referral Rewards Program *

Earn $10 credit for each person you refer to us, following their first appointment.


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